Full of Excitement and Magic…

Time Line is an amazing adventure book for all ages under 13. For when you feel the thirst for the thrill, open up Time Line and dive in to see what adventures you will get yourself self-caught up in the Time Line. From dangerous dragons to twisting tales, see where the Time Line gets you. This young boy has no idea what power he has unlocked. After reading the book, you can get the thrill of a roller coaster or the suspense of opening a jack and box. Sit back and enjoy Time Line.

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So exciting and thrilling!
Timeline is perfect for children! As a father, it is difficult to keep tabs on what my children see when it comes to social media. I wanted a good book for them that teaches them good morals without boring them. Hats down to Shree for accomplishing that!

John Alia Single Father

Educational but with a twist!
Not a lot of children books exist that tackle with history in a creative manner like Timeline. When I found this book it felt like fate! I can guarantee that kids will enjoy this book.

Mikel Hussy Teacher

Important for furthering Creativity
Recently I have started to volunteer for children’s hospitals in my city. I wanted to find different goodies including books and toys to donate to them and it’s surprisingly hard to find a children’s book that is truly unique. A friend of mine introduced me to Shree and Timeline. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it. The book was loved by the kids, nurses and doctors alike!

Abrahan hat Volunteer