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After leading a life of crime and reflecting on what happened while he was in prison, AJ Hunter decided to pen down the experiences that had led him to this point. But that wasn’t enough; he didn’t want to be some guy remembered by people as the guy who lost everything but instead he wanted people to

remember him with words like – look that’s AJ Hunter the guy who turned his life around or That’s AJ Hunter for you, the guy who beat the odds.

So once he figured out what he wanted from life, he dived into it till he became successful, and only then did he decide to share all that experience with everyone so if you’re someone who thinks that second chances are hard to come by or you can’t get better in life, then this book about drug cartel will definitely change your mind.  

So quickly order your copy of this amazing true crime book from the non-fiction section now.

It’s not just a book, it’s a whole experience